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Aaron's Life 

Aaron was 24 years old and was going to Liberty University.  He wanted to become a Physician’s Assistant, so he could lead medical missions clinics around the world.  Aaron got saved at a very young age and grew up loving Jesus. He always wanted to be a missionary. He knew this was a way he could help so many and share Jesus with them at the same time. His passion in life was for missions.


Aaron became ill and came home one weekend. We talked about the intense pain he was feeling. He told me it was okay that he had endured so much pain, he said he was God’s child and God could do whatever He wanted with him. He said he belonged to God. Two weeks after that, Aaron passed away.  


Our family felt devastation in every way and had to move from our current home. The surroundings echoed the tremendous loss we all endured daily. Aaron’s father, Bryan,  was struggling with wondering if he had done all he could do for Aaron.  He earnestly prayed asking God to help him deal with the unbearable grief that encompassed his mind and soul.


Before we moved to our new home, some renovations were needed.  Bryan looked up contractors in our area and called to make an appointment.  When the contractor met him at our new home, in his company van,  he began talking about his family. Bryan told him he had two sons and one lived in heaven with Jesus.  As they walked into our home, the contractor stopped and told Bryan that God had been telling him all day he was going to “talk with someone and he was the one.”  He went on to say that “God loves you and knows you didn’t want your son to die, but it was God’s will.”  He told Bryan there was “nothing you could have done to change that.” He went on to say “God is going to use your son’s name in a mighty way.” Bryan told him that God had already used Aaron’s funeral to raise funds to help his friend go to the mission field.  The “contractor” said to Bryan “Mr. Dean, that’s nothing, God is going to use your son in a mighty, MIGHTY way.” They went on looking at the needed renovations and before he left, he prayed with Bryan. He did not leave a business card, so Bryan called the same number he called to make the appointment.  He had to leave a message. A week later, Bryan called the same number again and this time a lady answered.  She told him there wasn’t an employee by that name and she had no idea what Bryan was talking about.  We quickly searched the internet and social media for this man and his company and neither were anywhere to be found.   We completely believe this man was a messenger from God.  


This is why we believe God wanted us to start Aaron’s Mission.

We want to keep Aaron’s passion for missions alive, help people all over the world and honor him while glorifying our awesome God. It is our true and only desire to follow God’s will and use Aaron’s name greatly for our Savior.

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